Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is going to be short.

Yes, the cancer came back again. Can you believe!

We decided to try yet again to get Sarah into remission. The only option for trying to reach remission #3 was some HARDCORE CHEMO called FLAG. Which is a combination of chemo drugs and growth hormone to counteract the drugs. Also steroid eye drops to protect little eyes from conjunctivitis caused by the chemo. They expect this stuff to "knock the socks off" Sarah's counts. We checked her into the hospital on Friday evening and started the FLAG on Saturday.

So far she is doing really well. Just a little nausea, fever and some bone pain. That was all yesterday. Today Sarah has had a great day and played with her siblings most of the afternoon. Her WBC has come down from 36,ooo to around 16,000.

Ben and I continue to remain hopeful that Sarah will reach remission and be free of leukemia. Even though the Oncologist have assured us that that goal is a "high bar". Please continue to pray for that.

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