Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day +40: Well, She Got a Fever

This is day 40. I'm grateful to God to be able to say that. Things have been going pretty smoothly over the last week. Pretty smoothly means not perfectly smoothly, but then again what ever does.

I'll start with the good news again...

Sarah's blood counts have been going upward at a nice clip. The doctors are pleased with that and so are we. I guess Betsy had some good blood in her when she donated her bone marrow. Sarah has been eating a little. Not a lot, but she does eat. She is getting fluids via a pump through her central line over a 10 hour period every night. She does drink on her own, but not enough to come off the pump yet. Her vomitting has pretty much completely stopped which is awesome. The other children really enjoy having her around again and help her in any way she needs help. Sarah has enjoyed having them around and I'm certain being with them and in a familiar environment is having a positive impact on her emotionally and physically.

Sarah developed a low grade fever this evening and Susan is driving her to Boston Childrens
Hospital right now. Both Susan and I (and Sarah) are really tired, but we have to follow the rules if Sarah is going to pull through this. If Sarah's temp measures 38C two times in one day or hits 38.5C once, then we call the doctors and they tell us to head down to the hospital. Neither Susan nor I are terribly worried with this low level fever and we think she will be out of the hospital again within a couple of days, but we can't take risks with Sarah's life at stake.

During Sarah's outpatient clinic visit yesterday, Susan heard about a small girl from the BMT ward that died from an infection in her central line. I am saddened for the family of the small girl and pray for theircomfort. I also pray that Sarah will stay on this side of the razors edge she is walking on. I also acknowledge that God wants Sarah and her family to be on that razors edge at this moment.

Sarah has made it over some big hurdles and we are relieved for that, but she has many more to go over throughout the next 6-12 months. Please pray the current fever subsides and Sarah is returned home quickly.

On a side note, I returned to work yesterday. One of my families biggest immediate challenges is to restore some semblance of order and routine in our life. Work certainly is a big part of that not to mention bringing home the bacon (and insurance coverage). I have been away from the office and not working for 6 weeks. That's the longest consectutive period of time I have not been working since I began working at the age of 16. My employer has been and continues to be very supportive with time off and monetarily among other things. I feel my company has demonstrated a level of loyalty and decency that is uncommon today. It has been 10 years of my life well invested.

Matthew 14:26-32