Monday, April 6, 2009

4-07-09: Looking Better

Things are looking better. Sarah is off the supplemental oxygen. Her doctor came in this morning and said we could take her off and watch how she does. She is doing great. Her o2 is staying around 95% during sleep. Sarah is still on a narcotics. Although we did have to switch her from morphine to hydro-morphone because she got a very itchy red rash all over her trunk.

Sarah's blast count in her blood is down to zero. We are pretty glad about that but we would be REALLY glad if the blasts didn't come back when her marrow recovers. One day at a time is the only way to handle this right now.

We seem to be having some communications problems with the doctors about Sarah going to that clinical trial. From our discussion with Sarah's oncologist this morning it sounded like they didn't know we absolutely wanted to take her. We are trying to sort that out today. Hopefully she hasn't lost her place in line.

Christopher and Asa have drippy noses. I am not too thrilled about passing around a cold. To avoid that happening Christopher is going home today. Asa and Sarah will just have to keep their distance.

For some reason unknown to us God has carried Sarah through many dangerous storms. And after everything that we have been through I don't have enough energy to get all worked up and scared about things. We'll just PRAY and wait to see how things go.

Susan and Ben