Saturday, January 31, 2009

This is the day

This past week has been great. Sarah has continued to feel good and behave fairly normally with the exception that she is still not eating much. That is OK she's still getting TPN. She played outside in the snow and in the Pink Playhouse a few times and she also had the opportunity to experience some well deserved time in the naughty chair. Funny thing about that naughty chair is that Christopher, who is disciplined in the regular way of this house, thinks the naughty chair is fun. He finds his own stool and sits right beside to her. Next thing ya know they are both scooting their "naughty chairs" all around the kitchen. Those two. What a riot! Thanks to that naughty chair there has been a lot less fighting between those two. And Sarah has been working on being polite and kind because "we are polite people".

This week we did have the challenge of illness in the house, again. This time it was Jacob and John. They both presented with a fever at first but progressing to upper respitory stuff. Poor John's temp was 103F. We quickly isolated those two in their bedroom and disinfected everything in the house that can be disinfected, so far no one else has come down with it. I felt really bad making them stay in their room alone when they felt so crummy and maybe needed some TLC from the mommy so I tried to visit them often with OJ and hot tea. But sorry no hugs or kisses for those two, I kept my distance! Before Sarah got sick I used to allow the sick children to come and lay on the couch but that didn't really help the rest of us since we always managed to pass illnesses around. New way is better.

We did get one "almost" worrisome phone call about Sarah's last bone marrow. The doctor called and said they actually saw some blasts in it but they were not sure if they were normal blasts or leukemic ones. After we got off the phone I alerted the prayer warriors and got them praying and purposed in my hear to do Prov. 3:5 at least until we got the conclusive results. We did not spend the day worrying but instead we spent it in thanksgiving for God's continued grace. Later, in the afternoon the doctor called back and said, after more testing they appeared to be normal blasts. Yeah! Another prayer answered.

Through out Sarah's illness we have faced many obstacles and and many scary things but God has gotten her and us through each one. Each one of those scary things have worked out. Most recently the encephalopathy, the hypertensive event, and lastly this last bone marrow. We are SO grateful for all of those answered prayers. Of course, as Sarah's parents it is our wish that she will be healed and continue to live in our family and grow up and marry Joseph Camuso (his mom and I worked that out) "but if not" our hope is in the Lord.

One interesting thing that did come up a couple days ago was a conversation I had with Betsy our 10 year old. She shared with me that she always knew that God was real and answered prayers because she read it in her Bible; but NOW she KNOWS because He has answered her prayers for her little sister. She told me she has more faith in God now.
I asked Betsy what she would think if God chose to "do something different with Sarah".
Betsy said "you mean if she goes to heaven?".
She told me that she would still know that "God is good and that he doesn't do anything wrong or make mistakes".
My greatest prayer for our children has been that God would be real to them and they would live for Him. As for Betsy.....another prayer answered.

Love you all and KEEP PRAYING.