Friday, May 16, 2008

First Day Home

Sarah made it home from the hospital last night around 5:00pm. She is eating really good. The doctors told us she would have a strong appetite due to the steroids used to fight her cancer. She is not eager to drink fluids, but we are making sure she is hydrated (a few potatoe chips make her thirsty).

Still no crushing side effects from the chemotherapy. We're guessing she'll stay out of the hospital for 6 weeks minimum unless she develops a fever (>100.4F) or bleeding in some manner that can't be stopped within 5-10 minutes. If she experiences difficulties at home, then we're back in the hospital. We'll be working diligently to prevent the above difficulties so she can be with her family for as long as possible.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Going Home

Sarah's basic treatment involves:
- Chemotherapy
- Whole body radiation
- Bone marrow transplantation

Sarah's sisters, brothers and Susan and I are being tested as potential bone marrow donors. We are also going to be collecting cord blood from the delivery of our next child in mid-July for possible stem cell transplantation.

The hospital staff trained Susan and I to maintain Sarah's PICC line today. We were also brought up to speed on what "blood count" means and what part of it is important with Sarah's form of Leukemia.

Susan and I are really excited because it looks like Sarah will be going home from the hospital tomorrow. A little normalcy for Sarah (and our family) for a short while. One more bit of grace to be grateful for. Thank you Lord.

-Isaiah 48:17

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Diagnosis Day

Sarah (age 3-1/2) was diagnosed with Leukemia on 5/04/08. She has a rare form of Leukemia called Philadelphia Chromosome Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (PH+ ALL). Due to this she's being treated with intensive chemotherapy to be followed fairly soon with radiation and bone marrow transplantation.

We are learning something new everyday and now realize that our old way of living is gone. While we desperately want Sarah to be the same as she was before, we are grateful for Sarah's positive response to the chemotherapy and what God is giving us everyday.