Friday, May 16, 2008

First Day Home

Sarah made it home from the hospital last night around 5:00pm. She is eating really good. The doctors told us she would have a strong appetite due to the steroids used to fight her cancer. She is not eager to drink fluids, but we are making sure she is hydrated (a few potatoe chips make her thirsty).

Still no crushing side effects from the chemotherapy. We're guessing she'll stay out of the hospital for 6 weeks minimum unless she develops a fever (>100.4F) or bleeding in some manner that can't be stopped within 5-10 minutes. If she experiences difficulties at home, then we're back in the hospital. We'll be working diligently to prevent the above difficulties so she can be with her family for as long as possible.


Ruth&Ella said...

Ben and Susan, tell Sarah "Hello" from her great aunt Ruth and cousin Ella. We are so glad to hear that Sarah is home for a while. Ella and I remember Sarah and your family daily in our prayers and have placed Sarah's name on the prayer list at church and with our friends. We love you all very much, Ruth & Ella

Anonymous said...

Ben and Susan, Maria Levi and I continue to pray for Sarah. Our hearts ache as with yours. Love. The Holbein's

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben and Susan,

A lady who works in the building where I teach told me when I asked her to pray for Sarah, that a little boy in her church had the worst kind of leukemia when he was four. He was a very fragile, delicate child and he was very, very ill and had to have a bone marrow transplant. That was 19 years ago and he graduated college 2 years ago with his class. We thought you might like to e-mail her and her husband since they have been through what you are facing with Sarah. They said they'd love to talk with you by e-mail or phone. Their phone number is 256-381-6589 and their e-mail is Their names are David and Susie Corsbie. Ruth

Anonymous said...

Ben and Susan,

Give Sarah a hug for us. We remember Sarah and all of you in our prayers daily.
Ella and I sent a bag of surprises to Sarah. There are some smaller bags and several books in the big bag. We didn't know if you wanted to take the surprises to Sarah all at one time or take some each day so we put a message on the box for you two to open the mailing box then you can decide when you think Sarah would enjoy them the most. Love, Ruth and Ella