Friday, May 8, 2009

Sarah's memorial service

Calling hours will be at Lamberts Funeral Home on Elm St. Sunday, May 10, from 3-6pm.

Sarah's memorial service will Monday, May 11, 10 am at the Presbyterian Church in Bedford.

We welcome all of our family, friends, and Sarah's caregivers to attend.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sarah went to heaven.

Sarah went to heaven at 3:15 this morning. She died peacefully in her sleep. During the night her breathing became slower and slower until she just stopped. Ben and I stayed up late into the night, in her bed cuddling close, telling her we love her, until we fell asleep. She knew we were with her and she was comfortable. We are very thankful to God that she went this way.

We will have information about Sarah's memorial service and wake tomorrow. I'll post that on the blog and send out an email.

While our hearts are heavy with missing our precious little girl we have faith and hope that we will be with her again in heaven.

Susan and Ben

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5-05-09: Waiting

Sarah is still in the hospital.

Her pneumonia has not improved and her doctors said she will not recover. She has been on antibiotics and an anti fungal for almost two weeks. She has retained a lot of fluid in places it doesn't belong like her belly and lungs. Diuretics have provided short term relief, but done little to remove the excess fluid outside of her blood vessels.

Sarah's condition has degraded a lot since we brought her into the hospital last Wednesday. Susan and I feel she has little time left (perhaps tonight, or several days) unless God intervenes. The medical team have done pretty much all they can do.

We have prayed every night that Sarah will recover from her pneumonia and the fluid retention and will do so again tonight. Regardless of the outcome, we will continue to believe in God's goodness. For now, we will wait to receive God's will for Sarah and our family.

Please pray for Sarah and our family.


Psalm 27:13-14