Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Done with FLAG

Home again.....but for how long? Sarah finished with the FLAG last night, so today, she was discharged from the hospital. The chemo is definitely dropping her blood counts quickly. On 2/08 her WBC's (white blood cells) were 46.1 and today they were 3.9, PLATELETS 119 down to 50, and her HEMOGLOBIN is 10.1. The hemoglobin is good because a couple of days ago she had a transfusion of red blood cells. Counts are dropping and that means that soon Sarah will be neutropenic, fever and neutropenia = back to the hospital. With the way her blood counts look today we are expecting that to happen sometime early next week. The worrisome thing about this is that many people die from infection after getting FLAG.

Little Sarah was so happy to leave the hospital today, she was adorable as we left, saying goodbye to everyone and dancing down the hallway. She was even happier to come home to her family. The afternoon was filled with play, sometimes noisy, rowdy, running, screaming play. It was great! Sarah and Christopher had fun competing for the best spot on Grandmas lap.

Have you ever given blood? Friday we will be heading to the clinic for a scheduled platelet transfusion. Sarah will be surviving on transfusions for a while; so if Sarah inspires anyone to become a blood donor GO FOR IT. Same goes for signing up to be a bone marrow donor. It is so easy. Click here to see how.

The numbers are not in Sarah’s favor. I think they are actually way below the ten- percent mark, probably closer to one- percent. But our hope for Sarah is not based on numbers. No, we are not in denial and we do realize that our doctors got these numbers from research combined with their many years of experience. We know that God CAN make her well again. So we are going to continue asking. That is where our hope is and we are not giving up.

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Anonymous said...

Susan & Ben,
Thank you for updating the blog and sharing this. We share your hope for Sarah and I will be fasting for her on Friday. God has shown your family and the doctors so many things, we pray and hope that her complete healing is yet one more thing he has in store.
Love, The Holbeins