Friday, February 13, 2009

Blood Counts Bottom Out

So we arrived at the clinic about 25 minutes late.

The first thing Sarah had done at the clinic was have her vitals checked: blood pressure, temp, weight, and height. All of those were good. Then the nurse came in to draw blood from the "tubies". After that one of the oncologist came in the check Sarah out and discuss how she has been at home. (Although Sarah was playing happily she did not seem to feel as good today. She was very tired and her skin looked a little pale.) Then we waited for the blood work to come back from the lab. And we waited. And we waited while Sarah had Pentamidine, an IV PCP prophylaxis. (It's supposed to prevent some kind of lung infection.) We waited for Sarah's platelets to come up, from wherever they come up from in the hospital. Once the platelets came the transfusion took about 2 hours.

While all this waiting was going on the boys and I did some mathematics, watched a video, and ate some snacks. And Asa decided to get a fever. No other symptoms just a far. Bad news especially with Sarah's counts being so low.

Speaking of counts here are Sarah's counts as of today.

WBC 0.2
HGB 9.5
ANC .05

Dr. Chaffee gave me a copy and a graph of all the BCR-ABL tests that Sarah has had done since she was first diagnosed in May. It's weird how we can get her into remission, twice so far, but that CANCER keeps coming back. Just another reminder that the odds are definitely not in Sarah's favor.

One last note. We restarted Sarah on the Marinol tonight and were so happy to see her eat two small slices of pizza. That pizza was the most food she's eaten in a week. Thank's Marinol!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jones family,
Just want you to know you continue to be in my prayers and you are on our prayer list at Westhills Elementary where Betty Jones works.

Always remember that God is with you and Sarah at this time....and at your lower moments Jesus is carrying you through.

In christian love,