Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2-17-09: Fever and Back to the Hospital

Sarah developed a fever of ~101.7F tonight. She was nursing a low level fever during the day and made it to the >100.4F value required for another hospital stay. The chemo she's been on (FLAG) really knocked her blood counts down including her bodies immune system. The doctors told us to expect her to return to the hospital with a fever sometime this week. They were spot-on.

Sarah has had chemo-induced fevers before resulting in 3-4 days in the hospital. Generally, the cause of the fevers isn't determined and she heads home. We are hopeful that's the case this time too. Susan, Katie, Asa and Sarah headed up to Dartmouth tonight around 9:30pm. I will replace Susan Thursday and stay at the hospital until Sunday unless Sarah is released before Sunday.

I know a lot of folks have challenges greater than ours, but I sure am tired. Maybe I should start weight training again. It does wonders for fatigue and mental exhaustion. Something to think about while I'm eating all that delicious hospital food this weekend.

Continue to keep Sarah in your prayers.

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