Friday, August 15, 2008

Day +21: Turning the Corner

Sarah’s oxygen saturations (sats) have been normal today. This started during her afternoon nap yesterday. Her sats were good when she slept last night and during her nap this morning it still looked solid.

Sarah’s WBC and ANC are both climbing. Her WBC is at 1230 and her ANC is at 520. That’s right, she hit >500!!

She hasn’t had a fever or nose bleed for a couple of days too.

When the doctor made her daily rounds, she said “Sarah seems to have turned a corner”. I have to admit, it looks that way to me too.

The staff will start slowly dropping her antibiotics now. Her continuous morphine rate was lowered from 0.5mg/hr to 0.4mg/hr today. The rate will be decreased slowly over the next several days. She can still push the little button for an instantaneous hit when needed.

I’ll give another update in a couple of days, but for now Sarah is back on track and we’re feeling pretty good about that.


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