Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day +20: Cells Counts Look Good

I’ve been on duty at the hospital since Sunday. Susan returns Friday and I go back home. Susan brought all the children to visit Sarah yesterday (Wednesday). Sarah responded well to their being here. The other children read her stories and played with her. It really lifted her spirits and made her feel happy. It made the other children happy too. The children are pretty normal, sometimes bothering each other, sometimes playing with each other, sometimes helping each other, definetly loving each other. It’s good to have a family and to me, the bigger the better.

Sarah looks great today. My previous posting showed a from-to photo set of Sarah and man did she look (and feel) different. We put that photo set on the posting not to scare folks, rather to give an idea of what was really happening and what Sarah really looked like. She’s having a hard time taking her meds over the last few days, but beyond that she is a real trooper. She is playful with the doctors, nurses and volunteer staff. She still inspires me with her resilience and how she just keeps actively participating in her own care as more stuff has been slammed at her. She is a superstar.

No transfusions for a couple of days. Nose bleeds have subsided with only one slight bleed yesterday. Sarah’s oxygen saturation (or simply sats) are still dropping (<90)>95). Normal range is 95 – 100. The doctors do not know why this is happening and said it’s not an expected part of her treatment. The doctors are doing an EKG and echocardiogram on Sarah today to rule out heart related issues. She had another x-ray Tuesday which came back clean (no problems found). They have very thoroughly tested Sarah to determine why the sats are low (their words) with no smoking gun yet. This morning the doctor told me she may simply not be breathing in as deeply when she sleeps and the mucocitis is closing off some airflow. The doctors are not worried about he low O2 sats directly, rather missing some underlying cause for the low sats. They may not definitively nail down the cause before it goes away which will be fine with me. More waiting and watching with this one, so keep the low sats in your prayers.

I asked if we could rest easy regarding VOD and the doctors more or less said yes. Can’t say shes all set, but that’s the side of the fence their on. I feel pretty easy on that front based on discussions with the doctors and what I’ve read about VOD too.

ANC’s are looking good! While her ANC dropped Monday to 190 (from 270 Sunday) and stayed at 190 Tuesday, it went up to 440 today. Her WBC also climbed and sits at 10800. A little up and down is OK, but it looks like she’s getting close to the targeted 500 for 2 days. We think her ANC is going to top and hang above 500 over the next few days. We feel great about that. Engraftment feels good. It’s not a good idea to test God and certainly not good to be presumptive about what God will and will not do. I simply believe that what he does (his will) is meant and done for good. His will be done, not mine. However, I will thank him for listening and acting on the prayers of so many people for Sarah and my family.

The doctors said it looks like the thing that will keep us from going home real soon is the low O2 sats. We are going to be working on the other items I listed on the previous posting so when the sats go up, we’ll be ready to head home.

Genesis 45:3-8

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