Sunday, March 29, 2009

We finally managed to make a decision on the clinical trial facility. St. Jude in Memphis was the winner. Our main reason for choosing this hospital was because it is closer to our families. The housing issues have also been resolved. Habitat For Hope is going to house us and for no cost. We didn't even know about Habitat For Hope but found them through a friend of a friend.

Tonight as we were preparing to sleep Ben and I realized that Sarah had a high fever. Thankfully she was responsive and alert. Ben and Sarah left for the hospital about ten minutes ago. It was hard for me to let him take her but one of us needed to be here with the rest of the children. We should have called our emergency contacts but I didn't even think of it until just now. So if you are on that list I may be calling you in the morning.

A very tired and worried,

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning to you all! Praising God for being to find a place to stay for ALL of you! Praying that Sarah's fever is gone and she is doing better...lifting you all up to the Heavenly Father for rest and getting ready to go to Memphis.
God bless to you all!