Friday, March 27, 2009

Sarah continues to do great despite low counts. Her marrow appears to be recovering although very s-l-o-w-l-y. The last couple of days she has been full of energy and even a little naughty. Even as I type this up Sarah and Christopher are outside playing in the Pink Playhouse.

Ben and I are still trying to figure out which hospital we should to take Sarah to. It seems that both places have some positives. St. Jude in Memphis is much closer to our families, about 4 hours, while housing possibilities may be opening in Bethesda, Maryland. What to do? We don't know but we are definitely praying for wisdom and for the right doors to open.

Specific things to pray for:
Wisdom to choose the best hospital for Sarah
Housing for all of us near that hospital
and of course Sarah's blast count to stay low

If any of you have thoughts, ideas, or solutions to our housing dilemma please let us know.


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Anonymous said...

PRAYING!!! thank you for your prayers as well!! :o)

Much love,
The Marshalls