Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday, March 7

We brought Sarah home from the hospital today. She has been without a fever for several days and the nausea is nearly gone. Her labs this morning did show 1% blasts in her blood. Yesterday she was at 0% blasts. We have decided not to panic about this right now and just continue to pray.

Next week we will take Sarah back up to the hospital for more chemotherapy. This time we'll be giving her high dose methotrexate. The methotrexate was Ben's idea. After looking through Sarah's labs over the last few months and graphing her progress he began to wonder if it was the methotrexate that was causing the big drops in the blast count.

Our dear friend Mildred left for home today. We are very grateful for her help over the past two weeks. We have had a few ideas about who might come next but so far nothing has worked out. It really feels like our support has started to dry up. That may not be entirely real but it sure does feel like it. God has provided the support we need next week through our dear friends the Camuso family. I have faith he will continue to do the same the following weeks on his terms and not ours.

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