Thursday, July 3, 2008

Support Calendar

Someone we know suggested we add a calendar to our blog so folks could know the areas we could use a hand with. Many folks have also offered to provide support over the last 2 months. So, the other day I added a calendar at the bottom of the blog.

The calendar shows some of the support that would help our family (other than prayer). I do not want to downplay or minimize any of the other types of support we have been receiving (email, phone calls, gifts and so on), so please continue to provide support as you can or see fit.

There are also things people are doing, might be doing or have offered to do for us that are not shown on the calendar. In addition, things may show up and disappear from the calendar fairly erratically as we learn more about Sarah's needs and treatment. I guess I'd ask you to be flexible with us as we work through what's happening in our family.

Send an email to me (Ben) or Susan using the link below if your heart is moved towards providing some support (or for any other reason). If you have support you can provide that is not shown on the calendar, feel free to suggest it. I may not necessarily take you up on it, but I will always be grateful for your kindness and outreach.

Not much of an update to give on Sarah today. She had a red blood cell transfusion at the hospital yesterday and a hearing test. Both went well and her hearing is normal. Sarah will have a full day of testing at the hospital next Wednesday that I'll describe on the next posting. Susan is going to be working with her midwife this weekend to see if an early delivery can be induced. It would be good if the baby came sometime before Sarah is admitted to Dana-Farber on the 18th.

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