Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 29 - Over Another Hurdle

The doctor told us that Sarah's bone marrow biopsy testing confirmed yesterdays initial results. Sarah's bone marrow is "empty" of the Leukemia blasts. She still has Leukemia within her body, but at a very low level. Now we wait for her bone marrow to recover and we prepare to talk with the folks in Boston regarding the bone marrow transplant. Awesome news.

To pile on even more good news, Sarah is going home from the hospital tomorrow!

It's hard to believe we would receive so much good news in one day. Today was a good day.

So much to be grateful for.
-Psalm 18:28-31


Oaks family said...

Hurray! What great news.
It will be so wonderful for all of you to be able to be together for a while.
Yesterday, we were at Boston for Michelle's clinic visit. Our oncologist, Jen Whangbo, told us that she will be the attending doctor on the transplant ward (6West)for a 3 week rotation starting July 7. I told her she might see Sarah there. Jen is a great doctor. She has been Michelle's primary oncologist since diagnosis in 2005. She is caring, listens well, is incredibly available... and she knows her stuff. The whole transplant team is wonderful. You will be in very capable hands.
I am keeping Sarah constantly in prayer, as are a number of Michelle's carepage readers.
I hope you were able to connect with my friend Kathy and that she was able to be of help.
Call me anytime.

Anonymous said...

Praise Yahweh!!!! That is awsome!!! Isn't God so good?!


Anonymous said...

Hello Jones Family,
We are thrilled to hear of this happy news and trust that the Almighty is providing you with the strength, grace and energy needed for this journey. We keep you all in a our prayers daily and praise Him for your faith.
Love in Him,
The Holbeins