Monday, April 27, 2009

4-27-09: Pneumonia

Sarah is in the hospital with pneumonia. She was admitted last Wednesday due to high billirubin and continued fevers.

The doctors put her on antibiotics and antifungals right away to try and clear it up. The infection is in her left lung and we're told its pretty bad. We are not seeing big improvements yet, but Sarah is also not getting any worse either. We are waiting and praying.

We're all pretty tired, but probably not as wiped out as Sarah.

We'll try and provide a more thorough update Monday or Tuesday.



Anonymous said...

Susan and Ben,
Your family is always in our thoughts and prayers. I hope you can get well rested while she is admitted.
Love and hugs,
The Holbeins

Anonymous said...

We are continueing to lift Sarah up in our prayers as well as for strength for your family.
We pray that God will lift your burden and give you his peace in the midst of this major trial.

Love to you both and all your children,
Lynn -for the Reif family