Monday, March 16, 2009

3-16-09: High Dose Methotrexate Fails

The chemotherapy administered Thursday evening through Friday evening did not reduce Sarah's blast percentage in her white blood cells.

She went in at 73% blast and is currently at 86% blast. The treatment did lower her total white blood cell count which reduces the urgency of follow on treatment. Susan and I are working with the oncology team to determine what to do next.

The options being investigated:
-Clinical trials Sarah might qualify for. These would be phase 1 clinical trials. Sarah would need to meet specific requirements to participate in a clinical trial and be off all chemotherapy for several weeks before beginning this option.
-One more targeted drug (Nilotinib). This option would essentially be close to a stab in the dark since safe and effective pediatric dosages have not been investigated. We'd be using it off-label for Sarah.
-Control of the leukemia for as long as possible with chemotherapy. To some extent that's what we've been doing since her diagnosis as none of the treatments have yielded a durable remission yet. Still something we would not like to consider as the primary objective.

We think Sarah will be released from the hospital Tuesday or Wednesday. I think we'll need to make a decision sometime this week regarding Sarah's next treatment. We do not like any of the doors in front of us and are praying God opens the right one for Sarah. It's very difficult but we are remaining hopeful. We also have faith that God is doing good in Sarah and our lives. Please keep Sarah in your prayers.

Sarah had a nice time at the park last Sunday playing with her family. I attached a slide show below (it's a little big).


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