Friday, January 23, 2009

1/23/09: Back from the Hospital

Sarah has been in the hospital for the last three days to begin more chemotherapy now that she’s in remission. She was given Dasatinib only to see if she would develop encepalopathy again. She has done great without any signs of encepalopathy or other serious side effects. The dose of Dasatinib will increase from 10mg per day to 10mg twice daily next Monday provided she continues to tolerate the current dose. The doctors are pretty sure Dasatinib is the primary drug that got her to remission.

The last PCR-ABL molecular test came back positive. She is still technically in remission, but the positive PCR result means she really needs to keep getting chemo to prepare for the second BMT. Yes, Susan and I are concerned about the last PCR result, but we are hanging in there and maintain hope for Sarah and comfort that God is with us.

Another bone marrow aspiration and PCR-ABL test is scheduled for next Wednesday. Please pray for encouraging news from next week’s tests.

Today Susan scheduled an appointment with the BMT director at Dana-Farber. We will be discussing the details of a second BMT for Sarah with Dana-Farber on Feb. 4th.
Susan and I are comforted and grateful for the guidance God gave us to move forward with chemotherapy after Sarah’s relapse. Sarah feels great and laughs and plays a lot. She eats dinner with us. We read stories to her. She sleeps with her sister. She sleeps with Susan and me. She dances and is happy more often than not. She wouldn’t be doing any of this but for God’s direction.

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