Friday, December 19, 2008

12-19-08: Good News and Not So Good News

Good News: Dr. Van Hoff called me on Thursday and said the Flow Cytometry results on Sarah's bone marrow biopsy came back negative relative to the presence of leukemia. This was the first of two higher resolution tests we were waiting on for her bone marrow. Next week we hear about the molecular level test results.

Not So Good News: Sarah was checked back into the hospital Thursday Night. She developed a fever of 102F and the doctors told us to bring her in. Several of Sarah's siblings have colds and we think she caught one too.

Sarah is now recieving TPN (Total Parenatel Nutrition) again. She is losing weight again and lost all the weight gain she made while on the appetite stimulant (Marinol) a few weeks ago. We are good with this as she needs to get as healthy as possible in preparation for her second bone marrow transplant. Susan and I will continue the TPN when Sarah is released from the hospital.

Unfortunately, Sarah still has encephalopathy. She had another EEG today at the hospital. The neurologist siad Sarah's brain wave activity was even lower than her last EEG(lastweek). This is most likely due to the two doses of Dasatinib she had afterher last EEG. She has been off the Dasatinib for alsmost one week now. The neurologist was pretty sure the condition would corect over time, but not much is known about Dasatinib use in small children.

Like I said, Good News and Not So Good News. God has done so much for us so far, but I believe he wants us to keep up the conversation. Plenty of things to pray for so please keep at it.

Acts 12:5-11

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