Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day +90: Gleevec Side Effects

Yesterday was Sarah's weekly visit to Dana-Farber. They told us her blood counts had dropped. In fact, they dropped enough that she needed a red blood cell transfusion. Susan and I were very disappointed and a little disheartened to hear she needed the transfusion. We new there was a pretty good likelihood that the Gleevec she will be taking for about 1 year as a relapse prophylactic could cause her blood counts to drop. We had hoped she would not experience this large of a blood count drop though.

Dr. Wang told Susan the drop could be due to the combination of Gleevec and Bactrim (pneumonia prophylactic). Sarah will come off the Bactrim soon and we'll know more regarding blood count performance then.

Sarah is very energetic now and since we've adjusted her anti-nausea med level and times she seems to be eating and feeling better. We are trying not to fret too much about the reduced blood counts, but it's keeping us on edge a little.

Please pray that Sarah will be able to tolerate the Gleevec and her blood counts will climb once she's off the Bactrim.

I'll see about posting a picture of Sarah with her new hair on the next update.


Anonymous said...

Hi sarah i am glad that you are feeling better. I am proud of you.Ill keep you posted.I raised money for kids like you.
I would like to have a play date next summer.My dad works with your dad Ill talk to my parents and email us back.
from stasia

Anonymous said...

Ben and Susan, Betty just called and gave us the news you got on Sarah today. My best friend of 39 years was disgnosed with cancer and it had spread to her leg which spontaneously broke and sites were found in her brain, lungs and kidneys. She had only a 20% chance of survival. She received 18 months of the strongest chemo they could give her in Birmingham in an attempt to save her life. That was 7 years ago. The doctors can't believe her outcome. They say it seems impossible. There is always hope. Even in our bleakest moments. Sarah and your family have been in our prayers daily. And everyone we know is reminded to keep Sarah and your family on their prayer list. Love Ruth and Ella.