Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day +47: Home-Hospital-Home-Hospital

Since the last posting on Day +40, Sarah has been released from a 3 day stay at BCH and had 2 outpatient visits.

Sarah actually came down with what looks like some kind of virus that put her into the hospital last week for 3 days (Wed. PM - Sat. PM). Since she was not getting any worse over those 3 days, she was released and came home Saturday. She continued with a low grade fever until Monday night.

I worked from home while keeping the kids on track Tuesday while Susan took Sarah to BCH for an outpatient visit. They checked Sarah's blood counts and her cyclosporine levels. The blood counts look good, but her cyclosporine levels were high. High cyclosporine levels are bad and can be toxic (mostly due to renal failure). She is not in any immediate danger, but the doctors want to keep her level deemed tolerable.

The high cyclosporine level Tuesday resulted in another hospital visit today (Wednesday) to check for proper kidney function and of course her cyclosporine level. We were told to reduce the amount we give her at home and bring her back in on Friday for additional testing. It looks like more work from home for me this week.

Sarah is still getting fluids overnight via pump since she hasn't ramped up on her own. Not a big deal, we'll keep working with her on fluid intake. It's just a matter of time for that to return to normal. Makes me wonder how many other things are going to return "back to normal". I would certainly like for Sarah to, but at the same time, I do love her every bit as much as I did before her diagnosis 4+ months ago.

Sorry for the delayed posting. We're still trying to catch our breath since Sarah's release from the BMT ward 2 weeks ago.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah I hope you get well soon.
I'll keep you in my prayers. I helped with the floors. We enjoyed meeting your brothers, they were nice and caring, and your dog.

from Stasia Turner