Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day +9: Nausea Back Under Control

Yesterday, Sarah threw up seven times throughout the day. The doctors took her off Reglan+Benadryl which is used for nausea. The Reglan was dropped to try and find the source for some tremors she has been experiencing. The tremors went away, but the vomiting came back strong. The doctor and I discussed the options for get the vomiting back in control. We’re trying a lower dose of Reglan and see if we can find the sweet spot for the tremors and vomiting. So far so good this morning.

Susan's mom and dad brought some of our children to visit with Sarah at the hospital Saturday, Jacob, Judah and Betsy. It really cheered Sarah up and she was sad when they had to leave. Her family means so much to her and it's really easy to take that for granted until you see her embracing them (not just hugging). Her love for all of us right now is hard to describe, I feel blessed to see and be a part of it.

No more news on the viral pneumonia. The doctors are watching her closely, but are not thinking there is much to do yet. Could be just a tiny case of pneumonia or maybe not pneumonia at all. The doctor told us they are going to continue watching her based on her current condition. We are actually encouraged by that.

Sarah has not had a fever since yesterday evening. She is taking a nap this morning. She did not nap yesterday at all. I don’t think it was because she was not tired. I think it was the endless vomiting. Now that she is back on the Reglin+Benadryl, her life is a little better. For Sarah, a little better is huge.

Susan and baby Asa (4 weeks old now!) came back to rotate at the hospital with me. I’ll be here until Wednesday or Thursday.

Thanks for all your prayers and meals and floor repair and cards and support with the children and emails…

We miss a lot of things from before Sarah’s diagnosis and would give anything to have her health fully return, but we will leave that in God’s hands and believe God is doing something beautiful in our lives. Please pray Sarah's new blood engrafts within the week and give thanks that God has given us so much love in our family.

Ecclesiastes 3:10-12


Anonymous said...

We are praying for Sarah and your family. We had also been searching for a hand puppet that Sarah could have and play with, and we have finally found one (it is a monkey). We love you all very much,
Ruth and Ella

Anonymous said...

We are in constant pray for all of you! I'm so glad John and Marie were able to bring some of the children for a visit with Sarah. I know it was good for ALL of them. Being apart is difficult, and children always imagine the worse. I think you and Susan are doing a terrific job "juggling" every thing. Stay strong, for God is in control!
Kay in NC

nebch said...

We are praying much for each of you. May God;s continued grace be very evident to you. Pastor and Mrs. Michael, Shera's parents.

Is there something you would like for us to bring in to you at the hospital? 781-391-5311