Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day -10: Hospital Hand-off

This past Monday (7/14) was the last time we will visit Dartmouth Hitchcock for several months. Sarah's next hospital stay (beginning 7/18) will be with the folks at Dana Farber for the BMT. It feels a little strange saying it, but we'll miss the doctors and nurses that we've grown accustomed to seeing at Dartmouth. They have been very good and kind to Sarah, Susan and the rest of us. We will always remember them in our prayers and in our hearts. We will try to transition back to Dartmouth after the BMT, if Sarah's continued treatment allows.

Sarah had her PICC line removed from her arm and the replacement central line installed (Broviac) Monday, 7/14. The new central line is a little unsettling (appearance and apparent frailness), but we'll get used to it. Accepting the unacceptable, part of our new life. I should mention that Sarah is feeling and doing great. She does express some discomfort with the Broviac so soon after the surgery, but that doesn't stop her from playing, laughing and enjoying her life. I always wondered why people described their sick child as an inspiration or their hero, but Sarah is straightening that out for me.

The days on the blog will be recorded from negative to positive until "Day 0" (transplant day) is reached. After Day 0, I'll record them in positive numbers. The folks at Dana Farber said that's how it's done, so we're on the bandwagon. I suppose it's like starting with a clean slate. Apparently, it's sometimes looked at as another or a new birthday too.
-John 3:6-8

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Anonymous said...

Ben and Susan,
We will be praying for you and your family and especially Sarah as you start the count down to the BMT. We love you all very much,
Ruth and Ella