Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day +1: Past the BMT

Sarah Comforting Betsy After Her Bone Marrow was Harvested

Sarah’s transplant was yesterday. Harvesting the bone marrow from Betsy was an actual operation, albeit a seemingly simple one. I was with Betsy when she was prepped and given the anesthesia that put her under. She was very brave and gave no indications she was nervous, even when asked. Susan was with Betsy when she was moved into the recovery room. Neither of the girls felt any pain, but Betsy was groggy most of the evening. The day was mostly filled with activity surrounding Betsy, but the high point of the day culminated with Sarah’s transfusion.

It was very heartening to see Betsy’s donated blood in the clear IV bag as they hung it on Sarah’s pump pole. Sarah has had blood transfusions before, but knowing what this transfusion was for and who it came from was a very profound moment for Susan and me. I can’t really describe fully how it felt watching Betsy’s blood travel down the little tube and go directly into her sister Sarah’s little heart. It was all at once unbelievable and wonderful. While Sarah’s fate is still uncertain to us (but certainly not God), the change it will make in Sarah’s life will be to give Sarah a chance to continue her life. The change in Sarah’s life can even be measured in her blood type, changing from type A+ (her original blood type) to O+ (Betsy’s blood type).

I am thankful to God for providing two donors for Sarah, but I will also always be grateful to Betsy for what she has done.

The doctors told us what we should expect over the next couple of weeks. Betsy will grow her donated bone marrow back completely. Sarah will be watched closely to manage any pain that will likely develop from the radiation treatment. Morphine will be administered if she is suffering greatly. We are told each child responds different physically, so we’ll be watching and praying that she stays strong.

Some photos and a short video of Sarah and Betsy during “Day 0” accompany the post today.

Isaiah 64:3-9

Sarah Recieving Her Bone Marrow


lynda said...

Your family's faith is the most powerful witness of what a Christian's life should be like that I have ever observed. Thank you for being such a light. We have been and will continue to hold your family up.
Lynda Ranahan (John and Marie worship with us on Sundays)

Anonymous said...

This post was so beautiful and makes me want to just weep for the beauty of what you described and for how it reminds me of salvation.

We were in desperate need of a Savior. His blood was shed for our sins. If we accept Him and His salvation, He gives us new life. We are changed from old creatures into new creatures. When God looks at us He sees the precious blood of His son, Jesus, not our sin. We are not our own, we are HIS!

Sorry for going on. Thanks for sharing and drawing me closer to my Lord through all of this.

Praying for you all!