Saturday, June 14, 2008

Intensification - Block 1

One of Sarah's doctors told me that her eye lid droop was caused by a chemo drug, Vincristine. He also said it would go away after being off the Vincristine for a little while. I was glad for this news and very grateful to God that she is doing so well.

Susan developed a stomach bug last night. Yes, with all the bell's and whistles. Must be tough when you're pregnant (4 weeks to go!). Susan was sleeping in Sarah's hospital room and I was sleeping at Davids House when she started vomiting. She called me @ 5:30am asking me to trade places with her. I knew this meant she was going home today and not going to be with Sarah on the first day of her new chemo treatment. Susan's father came to take her home around 2:00pm. Susan was with Sarah when the chemo started though.

Sarah seemed to take her first day of Intensification chemo pretty good. It's a little early to tell how the entire 5 consecutive day treatment will effect her. "Intensification" is the treatment period that follows the "Induction" treatment period. Sarah will likely only have one of these Intensification "blocks". Sometimes, and for a variety of reasons, more than one block is conducted. It's a little scary because we don't know how the chemo will effect her or to what degree. It could be really bad or no problem. You know which one we're praying for.

It's a little tough to tell how Sarah feels when she's at the hospital and especially when she's on medication. She doesn't talk or engage much so we kind of have to assume what she's feeling based on what we know about Sarah as her parents. However, she always cheers up when some of her siblings are around her. The children are a blessing in so many ways, but to see them be a blessing to each other is comforting.

I know that many of you pray for Sarah and our family often and I thank you for that.
-Psalm 71:20-22

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